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MO Productions produces plays that often parody pop culture and other literary icons and characters.  Our portrayal of these characters should not be confused with the original characters/situations.

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Come attend a special stop of "Antiques Hit the Road", our spoof of the PBS show that allows people to have their “little treasures” appraised, hosted by Mark Bergwall.  This event is particularly special, as it is being filmed at a local venue that is the home of many valuable antiques itself.  But something sinister seems to have brought all these people together in this space.  Is it the objects?  Are they cursed by spirits of the Afterlife, as a mysterious stranger suggests?  Or is something more corporeal behind the deadly happenings that are occurring?  Can the mystery be solved in between the appraisals as people start dropping like flies?  Due to slight sexual humor this show is rated PG.

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A Wake, A Mistake & A Wedding Cake

Come join us in remembering Johnny Gagliano as we attend his wake in this musical sequel to 2010's  "Limited Engagement".  Returning from parts unknown after literally getting away with murder at their engagement party-turned-wedding are Lilly White & Dirk Forester, to pay their respects to Dirk's friend, Johnny.  They feel uncomfortably familiar with a number of the attendees, including Johnny's not-so-grieving widow, Angie Scungili-Galiano, former wedding consultant-turned funeral director and Johnny's business partner, Frankie Dazzle, and Frankie's new assistant, Grace Taylor, who resembles a creepy person from the past that they'd sooner forget.  As everyone catches up, it appears maybe Dirk & Lilly aren't quite as welcome as they might think, and someone dies!  Due to sexual humor and suggestive adult language, this show is rated PG-13.

The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Mr. Noah Wainwright has gathered together friends and other “true believers” for an evening with his Psychic Advisor, Madame Mariska,.  She does it all: tells your fortune, reads your palm, contacts the dead, takes your money, etc.  Assisting Madame Mariska is her toady, Sheldon Snerdley.   He is finalizing which of Noah’s wealthy friends will get readings that night, when a woman calling herself Jackie Smith arrives and asks if she could meet with the psychic.  When Sheldon learns how rich Jackie is, he makes certain that she’ll get a reading.  Madame Mariska makes her grand entrance and begins her evening.  But something is off.  She and other people keep getting chills.  Strange things start occurring, and suddenly someone dies a violent death.  The next thing you know, the spirits of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson have taken over two of the people there.  Were they pulled from the spirit world to solve the mysterious death that just happened, and is that death linked to a murder they tried to solve at this very location 100 years ago?!  Due to slight sexual humor, this show is rated PG.  The lights flicker/turn off and gunshots are fired.

 It’s 1988, and the annual Christmas Pageant is being held for a local Children’s Fund.  Sam Evergreen, the charity’s PR Director is organizing the event, and has a panel of judges that include Victor Grinch, the Chairman of the Board for the charity.  Competing in the pageant are Timothy Cratchet, a shy young man who yearns to be a star, and Stacie Sugarplum, the prettiest, most popular girl in town who succeeds at everything she does.  A stage mother for another finalist, Gloria Fishbein, is determined to have her son, Herman, win.  The pageant gets underway and the competition is fierce.  But there seems to be more drama offstage than on, and jealously, unrequited love and other secrets bubble up as the pageant proceeds.  When someone mysteriously dies, the group is left to determine whether it was natural causes, an accident or murder!  This show is family friendly and contains musical numbers, to many of which the audience is encouraged to sing along.

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The Return of Sherlock Holmes