MO Productions Murder Mystery Auditions

MO Productions produces plays that often parody pop culture and other literary icons and characters.  Our portrayal of these characters should not be confused with the original characters/situations.

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General Audition Information

We ask that all actors be age 21 or older.  We usually perform where alcohol is served.  It’s a liability.  Sorry.  Come back when you’re of age.
We cast for one show at a time, but are always on the lookout for talented people for future productions.  So, even if we do not cast you for the show we’re directly holding auditions for, you may be contacted to come back and audition for a specific role in the future.
No monologues need to be prepared.  We do cold readings.  The only preparation you need to do is read over our character descriptions and decide how you’d give life to that character.  But when we are making direct spoofs of pop-culture characters, we are looking for dead-on impersonations.
Don’t think you look the part?  Fuggedaboudit!  That’s what the magic of costuming and make-up is for.  If you can sound the part, we’ll help make you look the part if we cast you!
Rehearsals will usually be 2-3 days per week, for about 4-5 weeks before we open.  Brush-up rehearsals may be scheduled as needed.  Rehearsals will likely be two weeknights and one weekend afternoon or evening.
We will, on occasion, cast a Primary actor and a Stand-by actor for a role.  The Primary actor will usually perform in the majority of shows, but the Stand-by actor is guaranteed at least 1-2 performances, depending on the number of bookings per production.  Sometimes a role is split 50/50.
All performances are paid, but rehearsals are not paid.  Every actor, whether a Primary or Stand-by, is required to attend all scheduled rehearsals the actor’s character is called for.  Schedule conflicts may be worked around when presented no later than the read-thru of the script.


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