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MO Productions produces plays that often parody pop culture and other literary icons and characters.  Our portrayal of these characters should not be confused with the original characters/situations.

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MO Productions Interactive Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner TheatreText Box: Mission Statement

	MO Productions seeks to provide unique, quality comedic entertainment for a variety of age groups at a reasonable price.

	It is our goal to include and engage every audience member during the course of a performance, and to get at least one audible laugh out of each of them.  We will try to ‘recognize’ as many audience members as celebrities as we can.

	We will create unique, insanely funny characters who will entertain and annoy as needed.  We will take established pop culture icons, and spoof them to the extreme.

	We will have at least one “death” per show.  We will have corny sound cues and melodramatic theme music to underscore some dialogue.  At least one actor will wear a wig.

	MO Productions will provide something people will want to recommend to their friends, family and business colleagues.  Our shows will be something they plan on attending again and again.
Text Box: Who is MO Productions?
	MO Productions was created and is helmed by Matthew D. Osmun.  Matthew holds a Bachelor’s degree in theatre from Ithaca College, and has been performing, directing, writing and producing murder mystery dinner theatre for over twenty years.  He is the co-founder of White Rose Productions in Pennsylvania, and served as their Director for five years before relocating to Colorado in 2007.  In 2008 Matthew created MO Productions.  Matthew took the standards White Rose is based on and developed them into a product that's unique and specific, and continues to allow the genre to evolve and grow with each new show and actor he brings on board.

	MO Productions’ target audience is anyone who enjoys a wacky time and a good laugh.  Our shows are designed to include a full evening of dinner and entertainment, lasting about 2½-3½ hours from seating to finish, for groups of approximately 30-150 people.  We are the perfect entertainment for a restaurant, banquet hall, corporate party or a charity fundraiser.  Our shows are designed to be intimate and interactive with every audience member, and allow total strangers to have a laugh with each other.  The shows are usually rated PG-13, spoof and poke fun at a number of topical subjects and pop culture icons.  You provide the space and the food, and we will provide the laughs!
Matthew D. Osmun as Jeremy Sheepe in "Antiques Revengeshow"Text Box: What is Murder Mystery Comedy Theatre?
	We write and produce original interactive comedy dinner theatre, wherein the plot someone dies, and it’s left to the characters (and the audience) to figure out Whodunit?!  There is no stage, as the show is performed inside the dining area, as the actors walk around all over and interact with the audience.  Some audience members become wrangled into really participating and given a role to play, usually with lines to say that we provide to them.  There is often the opportunity for group participation as well, depending on the show.  The shows themselves often spoof pop culture icons, but also have original characters as well.  The focus is on the comedic aspect more than the mystery, but there is always a mystery to solve!  We create characters that are caricatures, and incorporate topical and local humor into the jokes, which our audiences love.  Outrageous costumes and wigs are a staple for us.
	The evening consists of three acts, with salads served before Act I.  The Stage Manager comes in early to set up the room 45-60 minutes prior to seating the audience, and then is there to help greet patrons as they sit down.  We provide themed music through our sound system to help create the desired atmosphere of the evening.  As the Stage Manager mingles and selects the audience participants, some characters come out and improv with the audience as they get settled in, and again as they are eating, to get them in the context of the show.  After salads are cleared, Act I is performed.
	Act I consists of introduction of characters and exposition, and generally sets up the death to happen.  Some wacky event usually takes place that involves some, if not all, audience members, and most times, someone dies by the end of the act.  The body is removed from the room if needed, and a break is announced.  There is an extended entrée intermission between acts.
	Act II brings the characters back in, and the mystery begins to unfold.  Was it an accidental death?  Was it murder?  A detective emerges from the group, and clues are uncovered.  The detective starts to question what happened, and points out possible suspects in the case.  At the end of the act, the audience has the opportunity to question the suspects, which are not only our actors, but often a few audience members themselves.  The audience is then instructed to fill out their Whodunit ballots with who they think the killer or killers are, the method and motive, and to include their name so we can recognize them.  Another break is announced so the audience may fill out their ballots as they enjoy dessert, and our actors come back in to collect them.
	After the ballots are collected and tallied, Act III is performed, which is the solution to the show.  The murderer is revealed, and most times arrested by the detective after they confess (during which they reveal the method and motive).  A wrap-up takes place for the rest of the characters, and the show ends.
	A curtain call takes place to introduce the actors.  Prizes are awarded to the Most Accurate and Most Funny/Clueless Ballots of the night.  Audience members who had an active role in the show are recognized, and receive Official Murder Mystery Magnets signed by the cast as a token of appreciation.  We’ll warn you now: People have been known to go out of their way to play a part so they can add to their magnet collection!  

The timetable for the event is usually this:
Seating begins 30 minutes before Act I starts.  Salads, rolls, etc. are served immediately after everyone is seated.
When the salads have been cleared, approximately 30 minutes after seating, Act I begins.  Act I is usually around 45 minutes.
Entrées are served immediately after Act I ends.  The meal period intermission is approximately 45 minutes, depending on the size of the audience.
Act II will begin after entrées are cleared, and is usually 30 minutes.
Dessert is served after Act II ends.  The dessert/ballot intermission is usually around 15 minutes.  Dessert does not need to be cleared.
Act III lasts about five to ten minutes.
The Curtain Call/Prizes last about five minutes.

Total time for the evening from seating: Approximately 3 hours.
So, a seating time starting at 6:00 would result in the evening ending around 9:00.

*** Home Parties are usually a shortened version of the above timetable, with less time needed for entrées.  We can also perform the show with no actual meal being served, but just light refreshments.  We do need some time in between acts for costume and prop changes, etc.***
Audience Interaction PhotoAudience Interaction PhotoAudience Interaction Photo